Sometimes fate leads you down surprising, unknown paths to your life's mission. My path to the world of skincare and wellness was not an easy one. As a creative person, design and visual art are my passion and have always been a big part of my life. I'm blessed and grateful to be a founding partner of the coolest interior design studio in New York - Asthetique. I had my future as a designer mapped out.


Then, at the age of thirty, a breast cancer diagnosis changed my life. Breast cancer, chemo, a double mastectomy, fear and doubt break you down but they also give you an opportunity to build yourself back up.

I still ask "why me?" sometimes, but rather than let self pity define my life I chose happiness.
For me, that meant creating something magical to share with the world. But what?


Eight sessions of chemo (and living in New York City) left my skin fragile and dehydrated. It was such a challenge to bring my skin back to life that I realized I had to launch a skincare brand. We spent 2 years developing 5 core products that nourish and heal damaged skin.

With my breast cancer in remission, I owe this second chance at life to my family’s love and the achievements of modern medicine. I firmly believe that creating great skincare products requires striking the proper balance between nature and the achievements of modern science.

AMEŌN embodies that belief and is about keeping your sunny side up, being healthy and beautiful. Indulge yourself. You deserve it!


The Beauty of Science

Working hand-in-hand with leading scientists, our products are specifically designed to offer benefits to skin, spirit, and earth. A harmonious blend of gentle ingredients, nurturing rituals, and clean ingredients are how we do just that. Each AMEŌN product is full of powerful and healing mineral energy, micronutrients, and biotech magic.

AMEŌN is always gazing towards a cleaner and more sustainable future, with products that awaken the skin and reconnect with the earth through powerful, lightweight ingredients inspired by a graceful merging of nature and innovation. Biotechnology is our calling, and our potent formulas are inspired by the latest achievements in science for skin clarity and luminosity that connects deeply with the soul.

AMEŌN exists to infuse everyday life with love, kindness, empathy, and purpose; encouraging a curious and imaginative approach to self-care and self-love that awakens the mind and turns on your skin’s potential – from the inside out.


Trusted Ingredients, Innovative Formulas

AMEŌN formulates and creates the most gentle and effective products using the best of natural, active plant-based and biotech ingredients that work for everyone.

We are a close-knit team of open-minded individuals who believe that science and mindful, informed actions can change the world – no matter the size.

We only include the highest quality ingredients, with proven performance and adaptability, to offer our customers innovative and luxurious products that form the foundation of a powerful multi-functional self-care ritual. We live to learn, share our experiences, and inspire others to unlock their true potential through a connection to mind, body, and planet earth.


Driven by Science and Planet Earth

We aren’t afraid to do things differently, and take the hard path to get there. Our formulas and brand DNA is designed to break boundaries, and offer a future-focused approach to skincare backed by science and technology.

We are motivated by a wish to reframe the notion of what a skincare ritual can be; adding a layer of curiosity, education, and radical empathy to the outdated world of beauty and skincare routines that forget to question the “why?”

AMEŌN is a combination of the forces we—as individuals—find most energizing: creativity, culture, technology, ingenuity, and imagination. We see these as the keys leading to a brighter, more sustainable, and beautiful future for all to enjoy.